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Current and Future Projects


We have a lot of ideas in mind for the future of our community, and would love to integrate everyone else's ideas into our actions. Here you can view what we are currently working on. If you would like to contribute to any of our projects in any way or if you have other ideas, please contact us!

Community and Business Opportunity Initiative
This work group is looking at viable means of local investment in projects to sustain business re-commitment to the area. Various models are under consideration such as Community Development Corporations, microloanings,  investment clubs, and cooperatives. This is a great ground level opportunity to begin the process of connecting investors with entrepreneurs to help all, while building a prosperous northeast/Hodges Square Community!

Improved Signage


One of our neighbor's biggest concerns is repeatedly the poor signage, particularly on Williams Street. We are currently working on a Welcome Sign to be placed just off of I-95, and will soon be working to improve way-finding signs for the many destinations in the New London Area.

The Hodges Square Monument


Our trademark historic Hodges Square Monument was returned to its original location in Hodges Square. The Lyman Allyn Museum had been safely housing the monument on their property since 1973; with their support we are now returning it back to Hodges Square. A brief Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held at 10AM on October 24, 2015, at the new monument site in front of the Hodges Square Building.

DID YOU KNOW: All New London residents can get FREE tickets to the Lyman Allyn musuem!

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