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Completed Projects


Here you can take a look at what the Hodges Square Village Association has already accomplished with the help and support of our community members.


Hodges Square is an area with potential of being a full service business area for the surrounding community. Our team of dedicated neighborhood contributors has installed benches, trash receptacles, and bike racks. We also have planted  greenery and painted some walls to beautify the main street. We are always looking for more community support as we continue the process of cleaning up and beautifying our neighborhood. Join us.

Outreach Events


The Hodges Square Village Association is working hard to increase the involvement of more members of our community. We recently held an outreach event outside the Hodges Square building on Williams St with music, coffee and donuts, and conversation. We hope to have more events like this to get more people in the know and involved in our decision making process.


If you're interested in hosting an event at your organization, please contact us!


Also, view our "Press" page for articles in The Day on this event.

Workshops and Meetings


We held a series of workshops in the early development of the Village Association. We now hold monthly meetings to discuss the current activities of the Association.

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