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Planning Stage

A lot of planning went into the development of the Hodges Square Village Association! New London Landmarks sponsered the development of a master plan, out of which the HSVA grew. Scroll down to learn more about the development process and view documents and slideshows that were produced throughout the process.

Master Plan


A master plan was developed in November 2013 through the New London Creative Place-Making Project sponsored by New London Landmarks. This plan includes both the Hodges Square and Williams Street area and Riverside Park. Topics covered include maps, street improvements, landscaping, and park renovations.


For details of the plan call 860-442-8424 (Forrest Sklar, Co-Chair) 


Click here to view plan: Northeast New London Master Plan


To view a powerpoint presentation on the basic concepts of the plan, our community assets, demographic statistics, click here: ASSETS POWERPOINT



Workshops were held to discuss the future of the Hodges Square community.

For example, take a look at the slides for this workshop on community investment.







39 members of the community completed on online survey about their interests and desires. This survey is simply the beginning of our outreach efforts. 


Results of the survey can be seen here: RESULTS


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